Figures. I watched for weeks, then gave up and bought black ABS filament from ultimachine. 2 days later, they've got black ABS in stock for $20 less. Oh well. With the entire shipment from ultimaker it actually didn't come out too bad, they had a good price on natural ABS.
The RepRap shipped from PA USPS priority last night so it'll probably be here Friday.

  • +1 by Todd Johnson
  • dermot dobson - Yay! Gonna lock yourself away until it is working?
  • John Ridley - Probably not, though I took the day off yesterday and spent half of it just wandering around doing nothing. There's a lot to do but I can only take so much weeding or garage cleaning in a row before I need to do something else. So I will probably work on it quite a lot. I see blogs online where people took 60 days to finish building it - it looks to me to be maybe a 6 hour build. We'll see.
    I'm probably going to set up my webcam to take photos every few seconds while building, everyone else that's built a RepRap has done it, so why not?