Moving again

I've decided to come back to LJ as my primary posting location. Nothing wrong with G+ but it is geared towards being primarily social and has little flexibility in formatting. LJ is much better in this regard and I want to post a lot more for documentation and journalling including personal journaling than for social posting.
I may crosspost some stuff (social) to G+, but since there are a lot of things that I only will want to post to LJ and I'm too lazy/forgetful to remember to crosspost everything I should, my G+ activity will probably slack off quite a lot.
Sounds reasonable.

I'm still figuring out what I want to do. I have a couple Blogger blogs, a FB and G+ account.

I may want to simplify things a bit, but I'm sure what form that will take. G+ will likely end up getting most of my "social" activity, but there is still a large group that I interact with that exist on FB. I'm less concerned about the folks from high school there as they never had the time for me before, but there are a couple of people I want to stay in touch with.

Of course, I need to refigure my Circles as well because they are a bit fragmented at this point.

I look forward to more of you 3D printer activity.
I've been interested to follow your fortunes as you tinker with your replicator.
I've copied all those posts back here to LJ and those were some of the main reasons to come back.
I very nearly set up a blogger account for this. I've played with WordPress too but it seems to me that if I put it there people will have to specifically go there to see it and I'll probably just be talking to myself.
Which is why I rarely see Tim's bug posts, despite the fact that they're very interesting. I never remember to go there, even though I had an RSS feed setup.

Someone needs to build a social media combiner. Just like all of my email is pulled together by Agent, I want something that could pull FB, LJ, etc. together and still let me post. A *much* harder nut to crack due to the lack of standards.