Neat stuff

There were several new Arduino platforms announced at the Open Hardware Summit yesterday.
Of course they're going 1.0, that was the expected news. But they also are releasing the Arduino Leonardo - it has a target price of $20, and uses an AVR chip with USB built in so the parts count is very low and you can prototype USB connected devices which then can be produced in quantity with only the one chip.

They also announced the Arduino Due which had a bunch of stuff on it including Wifi; it has an ethernet + wifi shield built on board.

They're holding up the official 1.0 platform release to provide solid support for these two new platforms. But once they release 1.0 they say they're going to try to avoid breaking stuff for a while :)

Man, I hope I have time to do an Arduino demo next year besides doing a 3D printing one and running the blinkie room.