An evening of lessons

1) The ceramic glass can be cut fairly easily, but don't try to drill it. It may be possible but I broke the glass 2 out of three tries. I gave up in the end and just used an undrilled piece. The glass is working great though it's thick and has a lot of inertia so it takes a few minutes to heat through even after the thermistor on the bottom of the build plate reads hot.

2) Motors were the big issue tonight. After wrestling with not being able to get my motors to drive properly on either Y or Z axes, I eventually determined that I had multiple issues causing the Z axis to bind and 2 other issues causing the Y axis to bind. One of the Y axis issues waw a design flaw with the Y carriage which I had to hack at with a file to fix. I wound up disassembling both the entire Z axis ends and cleaning those up then re-truing them, and tearing the print bed off twice, once to realign the linear rod and the second time to retension the belt. The motors seem to have stopped skipping now.

3) I've got a little trouble with perimeters not connecting properly. I think it's a problem with extra layers on clip.

Edit: turning off extra shells in fill (all to zero) helped, but now infill isn't reaching the perimeter reliably. Tried cranking Infill overlap over perimeter to 1.1, helped a little but still not enough.

That's enough for tonight.

The (original, with extra shell) perimeter problem can be seen around the inner edge of this bookmark: