A thing I thought of

jebra might want one. A device that clamps to a microphone stand and holds a Zoom H2 audio recorder on the side of the stand. Features an integral pressure plate between the clamping screw to avoid marring the stand, and a captive nut for firm grip. The 1/4x20 bolt is held captive with an E-clip.

Took about 3 hours in OpenSCAD to design, 30 minutes to print, 15 minutes to tweak what I got wrong the first time, printed another copy while I designed the knob for the 1/4x20 bolt.

I learned a bit more OpenSCAD and several things about figuring out how to design so that the printer can print. The first print had a part where the bridging was impossible, I fixed it on the second copy.

As I get better at this I should be able to get ideas ready to go faster. The knob only took probably 20 minutes to design, and I think I could do the main clamp body in less time now. Also I will have a library to draw on.

I need to get some M4 hex heads to replace the cap screw that I used for the clamp for this photo. I'll also cut a bit of bicycle inner tube and contact cement it to the top so the recorder doesn't spin when attached as it does now.

Click here for top view

Very cool, John. I've been watching your posts about the reprap with interest as I have a product idea. I have one of those clip things mounted on my camera tripod (you know, the thing that holds the camera in place and lets you mount/dismount the camera speedily). I keep the other part screwed into my camera's base and then grumble that my camera no longer sits flat when I put it on my desk (or whatever). What I'd really like is to have is another of the mounting mechanisms (the part that's on the tripod) with just a flat bottom that I could detach when I actually want to use the tripod.
What kind of tripod and which plate? There are dozens of manufacturers and hundreds of plates. There are some plates up on Thingiverse but not many. If you have a standard Bogen/Manfrotto head there may be a plate up there but probably not. I could design something but it would probably involve having the plate in front of me.
It's a Targus TG-P60T. I got the tripod & assorted other accessories (backpack, etc.) at Costco back in, um, February. I tried looking at Targus' website and searched through google, but heck if I can find just the mounting things as individual items.
Nifty item!

It doesn't fill a gap in my current H2 usage needs, but I can't say with any certainty that I wouldn't find it useful. New tools tend to create new ways of doing things.