Computer problem solved

I finally sat down and solved a problem that's been plaguing me for quite a while now.

Thumb drives and memory card readers plugged into the USB on my machine have been either completely inoperative or at least unstable, connecting and disconnecting every few seconds to minutes, making it impossible to read files from SD cards. Not all USB mass storage was affected.

I had even ordered a new card reader thinking the old one was just dying. But yesterday I plugged in a nice 16GB thumb drive that I have only used on other machines recently, and it didn't work either. After being plugged in for about 2 minutes, Windows came up and said the drive needed to be formatted, but when I said "OK" it said it couldn't complete the format.

Long story short, it was the IOGear Bluetooth dongle I bought a couple of months ago. After yanking that and uninstalling the drivers for it, all is back to normal again.