Experimental Y carriage

This evening I built a new Y carriage for the printer under construction, making it wide enough to hold the pyroceram glass without cutting. In order to facilitate this I rejigged the printer to 250mm wide instead of the Prusa standard 235. The threaded rod is all long enough to support this width (barely).
I also decided that the Y bearing bracket over at Thingiverse is an interesting idea, allowing the Y carriage bottom plate to be mounted upside-down. This should give at least another 10mm of Z print area. After printing the part and assembling, the problem is that with a 608 bearing the belt hits the bottom threaded rod a bit. I won't allow that, I think what I will do is to redesign the bracket to move the bearing up enough to barely clear the rod. Then I'll print a belt clamp that's tall enough so that the belt coming off the top of the bearing will line up perfectly with the clamp so it's a linear pull.
The bearing only needs to move up about 5mm for the belt to pull the bottom rod; I think this can be accomplished and still let the bottom of the print bed come down all the way to the LM8UU bearings.
I don't like wingnuts as leveling adjustments on the bed so I printed up some knobs from my parametric knob script. Given the extra long length of those bed-to-bed screws, I sized them up to #10 screws.