Progress over the weekend

Cut the smooth rod for the X axis down - this smooth rod is incredibly hard, I couldn't even scratch it with a hacksaw. I had to cut it with an abrasive wheel on a Dremel tool, it took 10 minutes each to get through an 8mm rod and I completely wore down a new abrasive wheel doing the two cuts.
The X carriage was not moving smoothly but there's no adjustment so I heated it up with a heat gun to relax the plastic, then ran it back and forth, that helped a lot and it's moving smoothly now.
I cut a piece of 1/4" plywood to make a groovemount for the hotend; it's in the extruder in the picture below. Also I finished the heatcore, it's in a clamp in the lab with the ceramic cement curing.
I printed a mount for the RAMPS electronics and a fan to cool it, those are on the lower right.
I did a bunch of messing around to get the print bed in an acceptable state.
I also designed and am currently printing an XLR power connector holder. If it works out I'll post it to thingiverse, I didn't find a good one up there already which I found very odd. I guess most people don't bother wiring a proper power jack. Or maybe I just missed it.
No wiring today but it's very close. If I'd wanted to push it I probably could have had it ready to go tonight but I would rather keep this build clean and neat.