RepRap and church tech stuff today

In order to print some parts I needed to get the new printer working, I put the old printer back on the bench and wired power to it. I had unwired it to get power to the new XLR connection on the new printer.

I printed a new herringbone gear for the extruder to mate with the new hobbed bolt that I made yesterday. I also am printing a whole new extruder, a variant on Greg's with a filament guide.

I test assembled the hobbed bolt into the old extruder body and it seems to grip the filament quite well without damaging it much. The old one was biting halfway through the filament. Also the old one was 13 notches around a 5/16 bolt so its movement was a little jerky. The new one is hobbed with an M4 tap so it has much finer teeth and I hope will move much more smoothly. I was getting very rough prints with the other setup and I think that was the reason.

The new extruder is printing now, it'll probably finish around midnight or so, I'll play with it tomorrow.

I printed another XLR power jack mounting plate so that I can put one on the old printer as well. It's REALLY nice having a super solid power jack on the printer rather than just some wires running straight to the electronics board that might damage it if snagged. I used an old orange outdoor 14-3 extension cord to make an 8 foot power cord with XLRs on it. Right now I just hand soldered the power supply end until I get a chance to mount the XLR jack on that end.

I was going to print up some Halloween bat fridge magnets since I have black ABS in the printer, but I guess I'll just do them tomorrow night, except there's a church thing then. We'll see if I have any time left.

All this was done between church jobs. I had a CD with rehersal number stops (90 tracks for 13 songs) and the whole thing was split track accompaniment and vocals. It needed to be folded back down to just one track per song and have the vocals ripped out and the accompaniment track switched to mono. I installed CDex on the new machine here but it crashed on every track. The newer version (1.7 beta hybrid experimental, which has been out since 2009) works OK. I had to rip to WAV though, the MP3 tracks all had gaps which ruined the whole thing.

I've also copied a bunch of CDs for other projects, and put together a 3.5 minute powerpoint of the best of photos from church for the last year, for the annual meeting tomorrow. I took that over to church to test run it on the projector, because that old machine can get cranky and I don't want to have to deal with crap from it with 5 minutes to go before the presentation.

I also put a new tire on my bike while taking a break from CD burning.

So it's 10:30, and I'm finally done with church stuff. Going to bed.