Some progress tonight

Tonight I installed one of my XLR power jack mounting plates on the MakerGear Prusa printer, wired that to the electronics (I used RAMPS 1.2 style wiring even though I have a 1.3 board, it was just more convenient).
I then took my power supply out to the garage and spent a LONG time with a nibbler enlarging the two fan holes to a full 55mm diameter (I don't have a chassis punch that large, and chassis punches are EXPENSIVE - the only reason I have any are that I inherited them from my father-in-law) and also enlarging the hole for the power jack.

I put the male end onto the 10' power cord and buttoned the whole thing up. I didn't seal up the power supply because A) the fan is hitting the chassis so I need to deal with that (probably I will just put some washers in there) and I'm currently printing a 2nd fan grille to cover the open exhaust port.

My fan grille object on Thingiverse is moderatly successful; it was a featured object the day after I posted it, and it has been incorporated in two other projects that I know of. The knobs appear to be getting used as well. I sort of wonder if people are using the microphone stand mount - it's been downloaded a few times so I imagine it is but nobody's posted a photo.

I also did a little Dremel work on the extruder body I printed yesterday (I had a few values slightly off - the perlis of working with non-standardized (AKA CHEAP) SAE hardware on a project designed primarily for a non-US (metric) market). I found that the new hobbed bolt is not only a LOT smoother, it also has a monstrous grip. I do have to recalibrate my firmware for the new bolt diameter, but that's a project for another day. I should be able to resume printing on the new printer very soon now. Hopefully these extruder improvements will bring it up to snuff.

Power supply and cable:
Power Supply
Oh how I wish the power supply could just be attached to the entire frame somehow. Has anyone designed/built an all-in-one unit?
Re: Power Supply
It's not really a problem. The proper power supplies off ebay are about 2.5" high and both of them would fit under a Mendel just fine. One of my early plans was to build them into a platform that the printer would sit on top of. If you wanted to attach the two and make it one unit that would be trivial to do, but personally I'd rather have two 15 pound things than one 30 pound thing. Also I prefer to be able to move the power supply between printers.
Re: Power Supply
Is the Mendel really 15 pounds on its own? And the power supply is 15 as well? Is that with or without the metal enclosure?

I really wish I could find examples of Mendels built into a more portable all-in-one unit. (Without it being to big/bulky/heavy, if possible.)
Re: Power Supply
Probably not 15 pounds each but the two together are certainly too bulky/massive for my druthers. The combination of the size of the printer with the mass of both of them together would make it cumbersome.

As it is, the bulk is OK because it's light enough to just hold by one of the gantry rods and hold it away from your body. If it weighed much more you'd have to hold it 2 handed and hold it against your body.

It'd be really nice to get a rollie Pelican case for the thing but that's more money than I care to invest in. I may build a wooden rollie case some day. The temptation to include places for a couple of 5# spools of filament would be hard to resist however.