Today's progress

Not a lot, but every little bit helps. I found I didn't have the proper length M3 screws to mount the motor in the extruder. Used some long ones to get it good enough, bumped up to the latest version of Marlin and tweaked the calibration for the extruder - since the new hobbed bolt has a smaller effective circumference, it was only extruding 95mm of filament on a 100mm command, so I had to multiply steps per unit by 100/95, which put it dead on the money.

I think this extruder is going to work very well. I just need to bolt things back together after I get the right length screws and I can try another test print.

Once I'm done with this and am producing good prints, I will feel comfortable printing parts kits for others. I didn't think I'd want to make parts for others if I hadn't used a set I made myself to produce a decent printer.

I'll have to remember to get some M3x12 and x14 screws tomorrow. I've been trying to build a stock of both mechanical and electronics parts but around here metric screws are sold one at a time so I probably won't get a whole lot of those. SAE stuff of larger sizes is sold by the pound which is lovely. Maybe I can find a web reseller that I can get a decent quantity of metric hardware from for a reasonable price.
Hi John,
Been building my own Prusa's (currently building 2 at once). I made a complete set of molds for the printed parts so I could cast them for others. if you want a set to play with let me know and I'll get them to you when I get them made.
Kris Southerland
No thanks. The only real advantage to molded parts is that they're cheap. In general they're considered to be significantly inferior to printed parts, and especially since I tend to tweak my parts a lot, and I'm always messing around with different configurations, I don't think I'd be happy with them.

There are new variants of parts coming out all the time and I like to play with them - being stuck with a set of molds would be no fun.

The only parts that I haven't varied on my current build are the triangle vertices and the bar clamps. For my next printer I'll probably change those as well.