Book finished

Snuff by Terry Pratchett

Absolutely excellent. A great Discworld story, a great Vimes story, very good writing and very funny.
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Glad to hear it. His last couple books were not good. I picked up Snuff, but have been a bit worried and need to finish the current book first anyway.
YMMV of course, the enjoyment of this sort of writing is fairly subjective. What were his "last couple books" BTW? I read the entire series pretty much in one go, and I went by the recommended reading order not by publication date.
I've been reading his books as they came out; long before anyone posted a 'recommended reading order'.

IIRC, his last two books were Unseeen Academicals, and Nation. That's the two I'm thinking of anyway. Nation is not a Discworld story, so you may not have read it.

I haven't read either of those. Snuff is IMO up there with any of the Vimes stories. Possibly not the best, but up there, and the writing is good.