New motors (win) new filament (pretty)

I got the PROPER motors in from today - what a difference. Strong as an ox, I actually couldn't make them stop - the belt skipped instead. And very quiet (with the rewired wrong motors, it worked but I could actually hear it printing in the basement when I was on the 1st floor on the other side of the house, yet for all the noise it was making it wasn't particularly strong - a strong jerk on the acceleration could make it skip. Now it's very quiet. I've bumped the print speed up and I will probably go even higher. It actually seems stronger than my MakerGear machine - I may try moving the "jerk" setting back up, I think it will handle it.

Moral: motors is not a place to screw around looking for a deal. I think I've made a lot of mistakes so my friends who want to make printers also don't have to go through all that.

I got 10 pounds of PLA plus a bonus pound that they threw in - a nice blue. The big spools are both transparent, one clear and one green. The clear may be making your Duckon blinking name badge holder if I get that project rolling as intended. This stuff came from - if I didn't already have a lot of black ABS they have a 12# roll for $70 which is a GREAT deal.