Duckon Bristlebot frame take 1

For Duckon 2012 I plan to have more than just blinkies in the blinkie room, including things that move, and encouragement for children to participate in new ways.

This is a frame for making bristlebots. The goal is to have the assembly be trivial even for small children, and also to provide some flat faces for decoration (sharpies, googly eyes, etc).
It took about 90 seconds to assemble this; all that's involved is popping the motor in and then winding the wires around the posts.
Will be printed in white for decorate-ability. I will try PLA as well. I need to find a way to run the wires vertically; horizontal wires just get pressed down during battery insertion.

More opportunities - we need to think up bristlebot games. First one through a goal - goal might be a hole in a playfield. Races probably won't work well since these things whiz around fast and randomly; even a few foot playfield would make for a relatively short race.
If you want to send me a prototype kit (or two), we can build them here and see what ideas we come up with. I'll even pay for them if you need me to.