RepRap update

I spent the weekend basically talking about 3D printing - my throat was sore by Saturday night, but that's not unusual at a convention. If I'd been able to buy blue PLA before the con, I would have been printing TARDISes all weekend. I did print 2 blue, 2 translucent cerulean and 2 white ones. Translucent doesn't look as good, you can't see detail on translucent plastic.

In future, I need to come with a box of a wide variety of printed things. I didn't have a lot with me at first, and everyone asked "well, what can you make with it?" What CAN'T you make with it? But the possibilities don't seem to register with people very well unless they've got stuff they can touch.

I printed out a TriLego piece Sunday morning and got as much excitement out of that as I did anything else.

I think I might try to make an entry for the Duckon Critter Crunch out of mostly printed parts. There are already gearboxes and tank treads up on Thingiverse. That'd be a good demo.

I found a nice 8 tooth pulley for X and Y axes and printed some out last night, so I'm switched from 10 to 8 tooth. That should increase my resolution by about 20% on those axes. I did have to reduce my jerk settings a bit, I'd cranked them up a few days ago because I didn't know how high they could go with these motors. 20mm/s2 is apparently too high because the splines started misaligning during the print, so it's at 10 now and a set of 4 pulleys printed out very well.