I just got around to reading the program book today. Wow, looks like there was some pretty good programming that I could have gone to! I spent the whole weekend basically exhibiting 3D printing though.
I didn't make it to a minute's actual programming this year, which is something I did years back, but lately I've been at least trying to get to panels that friends were on at least once. I did get to more parties, which is quite unusual for me, and was fun (though I'm sure anyone looking at me couldn't tell I was having fun - I probably looked completely stunned at the louder parties).

I think we all had a great time though.
It, too, find myself doing a lot of other things at cons and not getting to many panels at cons. I'm either busy working for the con, promoting some other con, or just relaxing for a couple of minutes between other activities to make many panels.

My usual attempted solution is to get myself put on a few panels, so I at least make those.
I don't know if I've ever volunteered for a panel, but I get on them anyway. At some conventions I would check the program book as soon as I got registered because sometimes I was on panels I wasn't informed about. Once or twice I actually got drafted on the spot (showed up at a panel, wound up sitting up front).