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The Kif Strike Back by C.J. Cherryh

I've only ever just given up and abandoned maybe 3 or 4 books in my life. This is one more.

Having already finished the first two books in the trilogy (of which there are actually 4 or 5 books I guess) and not really gotten into them, I got about halfway through this one and realized that I give absolutely zero shits about this book. I don't care what happens, not to anyone, any race, or any individual. And nothing was happening. Nothing had been steadfastly happening for chapters. Maybe something would have started happening on the very next page, but I didn't really care.

Screw it. My reader has a dozen books I am really excited to read. Life is too short to read books you aren't enjoying.
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That happened to me with "Red Mars." When I realized that I just. did. not. care. about anything that was going on after 100 pages, I said "screw it."

I hate giving up on books, but I just couldn't finish that one.
I got through R/G/B mars only because I did it on audio while drywalling and laying tile in the basement. I never could have gotten through it in text. I think I also sped it up by about 50%.

I think the series had some interesting and important things to say about society when we get extreme longevity, but the whole series should have been a single 400 page book, not 1800 or whatever it was.