Back in the saddle

Just went out and took care of that sticking rear brake cable and checked tire inflation. Between two colds and a kid getting a ride to school twice a week, I haven't been on the bike for two weeks, and then only one day. I'll probably get my ass kicked tomorrow especially given the normal winter winds. But I have to get back into it, I can feel my body turning to jello every day.
Couldn't find the air nozzle for the compressor so the air horn didn't get filled (the stem is too short to fill it with a hand pump) but I rarely need it anyway, I'll try to get it tomorrow.
Air Zound

Very nice accessory. Can actually be heard from inside a car with the windows up. I've thought about mounting a car horn as well but this is lighter. I should probably go with the car horn in the winter though as the air horn doesn't work in the cold (diaphragm too stiff).