Join the few, the proud, the ones with burned fingers!!!

Once again I'll be running the Blinkie room at Duckon 21.

I'm looking for GTers (or anyone qualified that I can grab) who will be there and can help out in running the room. Anything from an hour up would be helpful. Last year I spent from 8AM to 2AM in that room Friday and Saturday, and I'd like to get out of there a bit more. I have some programming I would like to present and can't do it if I can't get out of the room.

Ability to solder and debug blinkies is nice but not a prerequisite - by manning the front desk, taking money, etc, you can free up someone who can get on the floor and help people with their projects.

Usually the technical help is just helping people who don't really know how to solder, looking over a board carefully and finding bad solder joints, parts in backwards, etc.

The blinkie room will be running the same hours as last year, which is a bit less than in prior years. Friday 5PM to 10PM, Saturday 9AM to 7PM.

This is a fun gig, we get to help people make things. I saw a lot of Duckon 20 blinkies being worn around Windycon this year, so people really like them and Blinkies is often cited as one of the most fun parts of the convention. I'm happy to be able to help carry on this tradition. I may also have non-blinkie type things this year, I'm thinking about doing something like having "Useless Machine" kits, which are super easy to make and are pretty fun.

If you can help, please email me, if you have any idea when you'll be able to chip in, let me know that too. I want to get a handle on how much time I'll be able to get away from the room to do presentations. I know that this will be hard to coordinate since many people won't know when they'll be able to help until they see the program book, and I won't be able to say what programming I'll be able to do until I see who can help when.

I'm going to be checking out the new hotel this weekend, getting floor plans and taking pictures of the proposed room and trying to work out how many stations we'll be able to place. Last year we had 24 and that worked out pretty well.