Duckon blinkies in progress

Artwork and colors approved, boards ordered from China.
LEDs ordered. The rest of the stuff I'll get coming tomorrow.
Need to print 200 battery holders - I guess they're going to be boring old black.
It's good to have a phase behind me. It'll be even better to have them in the bag with instructions printed.
I'm printing a 5x5 set at once. 10x10 would not fit on my print bed. 5x5 is good enough. I worry that if I try to print 100 at once, even if I could, if I have a power failure or something else happens during the print I just blew potentially a hell of a lot of time and plastic.

25 works well overnight. I only have to do it 8 times, though I'll probably make some extra.

I do need to research turning off Microsoft's automatic reboot when they apply patches. I had a print wrecked once because Microsoft decided that I really needed to reboot NOW. I found my machine rebooted this morning, but the print finished before it did so. It could have been another MS induced failure.