A few more blinkie checkboxes checked

Ordered the tactile switches and poly bags from eBay. The CPUs, resistors and IC sockets are in the cart at Mouser but awaiting word whether to drop some more stuff into the basket.

I did the tweaks I wanted to make on the battery holder design (wider slot to push the batteries out, moved the retention ridge down a little to make the batteries more snug, then printed out a few revs at different wall thickness and infill percentages. The final version is very tough, I had to really try pretty hard to break it. It won't break unless someone is trying to break it. I have the first 25 of those being made on the printer right now.

I also grabbed three more breadboards from one of the vendors. They were $9 for 3, what the heck. Mine are so old that the contacts are getting rather corroded and they're not particularly reliable anymore. I think the newest one is something like 25 years old now.