Blinkie progress

The replacement (5mm) green LEDs came in today. I soldered up a green demo unit, completely prepped 23 blue kits, and counted out all of the LEDs for 100 blue kits, 55 green kits, 20 red kits, and 5 white kits. Pink, orange and yellow LEDs haven't arrived yet.

I need to print another 175 battery holders, but I need to load black PLA in a printer to do that and right now I have black ABS in one printer and red PLA in the other. Black tends to hang about in the hotend for a while so when I switch away from it I have to find something to print that color doesn't matter for, so I am shy of loading black in if I have any non-black stuff in the queue. Right now I've got some switchblade combs for my son's friends, they're amused by them so I'm running a few off in different colors.

I'll probably do the battery holders this weekend. I didn't do them before now because I wanted to assemble a few actual, final boards with them to be sure that the design was what I wanted it to be before making all 200 holders.

Counting out the LEDs is the real time consuming part and that's pretty much done. I do need to write the assembly instructions. I've already taken all the photos that I'll need.