I've been falling behind on my personal journaling so I'll just do everything in this post.

Got the rest of the Duckon LEDs in today. Wow. The pink LEDs are PRETTY. We only got enough for 10 sets. They're a bit expensive at $1.20 per set instead of about 60 cents a set for the other colors. I think they're probably going to be gone pretty much instantly. I may change my mind and charge a little extra for them, though that involves bookkeeping that I'd just as soon not have to deal with. Most people seemed fine with just charging a flat rate regardless of color.

I somehow inflamed my left ankle about 4 weeks ago riding bike. It's been slowly getting better. I tried riding last Wednesday but it got a little worse as a result so I left off again. It's almost completely healed but I can still feel a bit of weirdness in there so with only one weekday left I'll wait until Monday to try again. I'm getting to where I've had QUITE enough of driving for a while.

I seem to have fallen behind on 3D printing again. Both machines running to try to catch up. Blinkie kit prep is stalled until I get black PLA loaded in one of the machines again. I do now have all of the LEDs counted out into the kit bags, the rest will only take an hour or so total. Need to write and print the instructions though.