Been trying to catch up on 3D printing today. I finally finished up all the prints that Tom asked me to do for his friends - switchblade combs in a variety of colors - teenage boys...

So now I'm actually printing the first batch of the 175 remaining battery holders I have to print to finish up the blinkie kits. I should be able to finish this weekend, it takes about 5 hours to print a set of 25 holders.

I got the assembly instructions for the blinkie complete and ready to print.

I sat down to make more patterns for the blinkie, and after a bunch of fruitless searching, finally resigned myself to the fact that AVR Studio must have saved the project on the C: drive, which I wiped a few days ago. Luckily I have a copy on Google Docs from a couple of weeks ago, so I just had to recreate the brightness control code, which took about 45 minutes since I'd already figured out how to do it.

I also had a bunch of software to install on the laptop post-reinstall to get AVR studio, the device programmer, the 3D printing software and some other stuff working.

I'm making changes in my recommended build for a 3D printer too. I think I've talked about them here before. The only parts that are the same as what I was using a month ago are the little bar clips, the frame corners and the Z motor holders. I'm even working on a replacement for the endstop holders and the X carriage.

I still have to create and copy a music CD to distribute to the choir tomorrow morning, for all the pieces we're going to be doing. Also the pianist is getting (another) arm surgery next week so we need music on CD for the foreseeable future so I have more CDs to burn for that. I suppose I should work on that now...