Google bailout justified

I'm continuing my dissociation with Google services, and this article from today makes me feel a little more justified in paranoia:
WSJ: Google caught circumventing iPhone security, tracking users who opted out of third-party cookies - Boing Boing
I've got another couple of hours of POP3 connections to get the rest of my mail off of GMail. I've got calendar replaced already. I'm going to go with an open source DropBox equivalent or just a DMS to store documents on my website.
Clearly, you can't trust anyone. No matter how much money a company is making, it's not enough and they'll violate both trust and the law to make more.

About a week ago I began a process of extricating myself from Google. I have about 200,000 emails in my GMail account so it's taking a while to pull it all (especially given two false starts in which I determined that Thunderbird can definitely NOT handle a large quantity of mail).

I've gone to locally hosted mail, I've installed a web calendar on my own site behind security, I'm working on a secure document manager on my website and I use Brief (firefox RSS reader plugin) to replace Reader.

I also run AdBlock Plus and Ghostery (the latter is an EXCELLENT tracker blocker).

I started this move due to a vague feeling of unease after the Google privacy statement revamp. I just figured that once data is in the cloud, it's there for any abuse, bad employee, governmental agency with an agenda that ever happens in the future, and it's probably best to just not let the data there in the first place.

I'm not happy but also not surprised to see this and find that I wasn't just being paranoid, they (along with, apparently, every other company) are not trustworthy. Apparently no matter how fast the money is rolling in, it's never enough, and companies will violate both trust and the law to make more.

Up until a month ago I was a 100% Google fan; everything I had was Google hosted, I was a G+ promoter, I used Google Docs like crazy, heck, I even used Buzz and Wave when they were a thing.

Now my default search engine is Duck Duck Go and I'm working every day at replacing Google services with something that I control as completely as possible, I don't surf while logged in to anything Google, I block everything I can
I'm using WebCalendar, which I have had on one site or another for a few years, though not as my personal calendar before.

I've made some bug fixes on it, and in the last couple of days I've updated it to work correctly under PHP 5.3. I've tried submitting the bug fixes back to the authors but they are completely unresponsive. I've also offered the fixed package back to Dreamhost since it's one of the apps on their one click install but they don't pay any attention either.

I'll probably put a copy of it up somewhere public soon.