For a package that apparently has more than a few users, and is one of the "one-click install" options on Dreamhost, WebCalendar is certainly rife with bugs. I've fixed at least 3 or 4 serious bugs, and have done some minor work to make it PHP 5.3 compatible.

The latest thing is that if you set an untimed event and tell it to remind you exactly at the event time, it never reminds you, because it sets untimed events as starting and ending at the start of business for the day, and since by the time it decides to send the reminder it's past the "end" time, it figures it's pointless to send a reminder for an already-past event.

The worst part is that I've emailed the original developers via their SourceForge accounts several times with pointers to the bugs and requests to apply my patches, and I have never heard back. I'm sort of wondering whether to create a new project as a continuation of the abandoned project, but I don't really want that responsibility, I would wind up getting emails for years from people wanting help installing it or something.

Heck, I've even emailed Dreamhost with a pointer to the fixed code and never heard back from them either.