F&S*(*(B!! robocalls

I've taken NINE robocalls in the last 3 hours while trying to get some work done. I normally don't get 9 calls in a month.

If I hadn't already intended to, this would definitely have spurred me into action. I urge you all to get out tomorrow and vote. For Ron Paul.

Actually I could probably live with him. The two front runners scare me. I mean, really, they *scare* me. Ron Paul is far from ideal as well but if I had to pick one of the clowns in the Republican parade, he at least seems not scary, though as a guy at work said, he's "10% alien screwball." But that's better than 100% ideological nutcase.
I'd recommend voting for whichever one of them you think is least likely to win the actual presidential race. If we postulate that they are all scary beyond reason, then the one we want in the main race is the one least likely to beat Obama.

So ready for the return of actual Republicans to the Republican party. That'd be a refreshing change of pace. Heck, I'd vote for a real Republican, if I ever encountered one.
There's a minor conflict in your suggestion. 'Least likely to win against Obama' may also be 'least likely to win nomination'. Some balance would be required.

But, the problem idea with that is the voting public. USA Today claims Santorum is leading Obama 49-46.

I'm finding myself to be very puzzled by this, and some unexpected, very vehement, anti-Obama sentiment recently encountered.

I'm starting to think the best answer is to vote for the least scary Republican (aka Romney), because we don't want the really scary ones anywhere near the general election.
I just dug into the ballot. Turns out all of the dropped out whackos are still on it.

Maybe vote for Fred Karger. Slogan: "Fred Who?" (I kid you not)
That's kinda my position with respect to the current Republicans.

The current set are for maximum government interference in the lives of ordinary people.
If you think you could live with Ron Paul, you obviously haven't checked out what he actually stands for.
Yeah, you're right. He's bad enough. He's just not as bad as the other two front runners.

Guess I may vote for Gingrich. He may be many things that I don't like, but he doesn't scare me.
That's my thinking. However, what's best - to vote for the one you'd actually hope would be elected if there were to be a Republican win in November, or the one most likely to keep the most absolutely fucking terrifying one from getting on the ticket?
Tough call, if they are not the same person. I guess, at the end of the day, I'd probably vote for the person I'd vote for if one of them were definitely going to win the office and I had to choose one. IOW, do what we all do every November -- choose the least of the available evils.