Calvin vs bike

Some long overdue maintenance

It's quite warm this evening so it was a good time to do minimal maintenance on the bike. I've been riding it with several things in poor adjustment because I don't like to work on it when it's cold out unless absolutely necessary.

Both front (disc) and rear (caliper) brakes were very nearly out of travel on the grips, and the discs were completely caked up with mud so it was impossible to adjust them. I sprayed them down with automotive brake cleaner and managed to free them up. I was going to put on a new set of pads but I couldn't find the last new pair I know are around here somewhere, so I put the old pair back on and ordered a couple more from eBay (China). The pair on there now is from China, paid about $6 (same as I just paid for the new pairs) and they've worked perfectly for 2 years now, and will probably last the summer at least which I think would take them to 3 years, I'll have to check the records.

Also swapped the platforms back to the SPDs. I was getting somewhat bugged by the platforms, my feet slip off under power sometimes. I really didn't need the platforms this winter anyway.

I came very close to taking the studs off, but I think it's premature. At 6AM there's still ice on the roads in places, even on days when it gets up to 50 in the afternoon.
For what it's worth I've been buying pads from for a while now and they are really great as well. They are four pair for $25 shipped, which is practically the same price but they arrive in just a couple of days. I can't imagine you'll burn through four pair any time soon, though.
Yeah, since my riding is exclusively on the road for commuting, a set of cheap Chinese eBay pads lasts me 2 years. I don't really care how long it takes them to get here, it'll probably be 2 or 3 weeks, but that's OK, I have a couple of months at least left in the pads that are on there.