Calvin vs bike

Taking advantage of the weather

It's not likely to be permanent, but with the weather forecast for the next 2 weeks looking unseasonably warm, I went ahead and took the studded tires off my bike. I also power washed it and took some brake cleaner to the derailleurs, relubed the chain and freed up some cables that have been sticky.

I rode it over to church to do the annual recalibration of the 4 ovens in the kitchen. It's nice to ride on smooth tires again.

EDIT: put the Marathon on the front (the one that was on the front last year), the Bontrager Race Lite on the back. I don't know how many miles that Race Lite has on it, it's a heck of a lot. Its mate had the center strip come unglued, or it'd probably be still rolling. I'd guess it's got 10K on it. The Marathon I think this is the 3rd year for, so it is probably around 7000 miles now. I think the only new tire I have sitting around is a gumwall something or other that I bought on clearance for $7 about 4 years ago.

I'm sort of thinking that I might go nuts and buy a set of Marathon Plus next. If they last the 15K they should, they'd be worth it. I think they'd be about $90 a pair.

Odometer: 26478
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