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Keychain camera sample video

This is the newest version of the 808 keychain camera, the #16. It shoots 720p 30 fps video in either MOV or AVI format. As it comes, it shoots MOVs. An alternate firmware is available to shoot in AVI format and using this retains all features and also enables seamless file-to-file transitions.

This camera cost $38 shipped from China. It arrived in about a week.

This is how I have it mounted on my helmet. To the right and down, there's a power supply that gives 5V on a USB socket using two AA cells. These are < $5 on eBay shipped from the US.

The extra power is really a requirement because the h.264 encoding (yes, really) draws significant power and the built-in battery only runs the camera for about 20 minutes. I don't know how long a pair of AA NiMH will run the camera but I'm guessing maybe 3 hours.

Here's a sample video. The camera is set to record 5 minute chunks then start a new file, so I just uploaded one with some cars going by as a sample.

NOTE: there are two copies of the same video here. the top video is untouched, the bottom is processed by YouTube to eliminate the shakiness. I think it's instructive to see what software anti-shake can do, but some of the edge is lost during the anti-shake processing, including the timestamp. Also it gives a few parts some weird, dream-like distortions.

No, the manufacturer sells directly on eBay. Seller eletoponline365 here's the auction.

I think I'm going to get a 2nd for rear-facing. I've realized, after the fact a few times, that a front facing camera might actually condemn my actions in traffic situations without rear-facing to back it up. One time someone started to drift far onto the shoulder, I've seen them in the mirror, and moved left to either get wide of them or put my flasher in their face to wake them up. Another time basically the same situation but there was a right turn lane there, so I assumed the guy wanted to turn right, so I moved to the center of the thru lane to let him by. He wasn't trying to turn right though, he was texting, when he finally woke up he jerked the car back into the thru lane and honked at me for being "in his way."

Had things worked out a little differently, he could have hit me from behind and the front-facing-only video would show me moving to the center of the lane then getting hit from behind. Even if I was OK afterward, if I took a head hit, most commonly the victim can't remember the accident so it wouldn't even be word-against-word.

I suspect the first one was texting too. There's a HELL of a lot of texting happening on the roads. I see it more readily when riding than driving. I've been behind cars at the light many times and had to honk at them when the light turns green and they just sit there staring at their laps.

This version of the camera supports loop recording, so all I have to do is turn the camera on and keep fresh AAs in there.

Anyway, more info on the 808 cameras than you really want at
BTW, this thing is also good for taking photos of stuff in stores that are bitchy about photography. I wanted a photo of some blocks today at Lowes to show to Jenn, but I've been confronted at Lowes before for pulling out a camera.

Here's a still taken with the camera (click for full res)
helmet mirror
Hi, what brand / seller makes the mirror attached to the helmet?

I've seen the type that fit on sunglasses but this seems like a sturdier attachment.

Thanks for the info on the cam as it'll get me started.

Re: helmet mirror
It's a Cycleaware Reflex. I like it best of the head mounted mirrors that I've tried.
Charger for 808 #16
What's the brand name of the charger you're using? Would I just search for 5v USB battery charger? This looks like a nice setup.