Calvin vs bike

Ride smooth again

OK, the ride is back to being smooth again, after the derailleur work I did Tuesday evening.

I wonder how much of the trouble I was having before was due to this? I bet most of it, since with the new drivetrain, it was feeling just like it did with the old one once the chain jumped.

This makes sense to me since back when I thought just changing the chain and sprocket out had made things smooth, I couldn't really quite figure out why that would be. Worn chains and sprockets might skip (mine didn't) but not make a very noticeable detent sort of feeling on every chain link, unless it got worn in such a way that the sprocket teeth were hooked (again, not the case here).

Anyway, it's running smoothly again.

My stupid bike computer reset when I pushed it back on so I had to reset the odometer off Sunday's reading plus 55 miles for the week so far. I was just trying to do the DST adjustment.