A few things

I got my 300 watt grid-tie inverter last night. Plugged it in through a Kill-A-Watt and hooked it to a jumper pack battery to test it. It held at 0 watts for a few seconds, then jumped to about 8 watts, then ramped up to a max of about 80 watts. This is fine, it ramps up until it's getting peak power out of its power source and not only was the battery not fully charged, it was just clipped on with jumper leads. I did not put metering on the DC line to find out how efficient it is.

In other news, I'm giving up and going back to Google for mail, RSS, calendar and everything else. Without the huge help that having the integration of all that provides, I found that I was missing a LOT of stuff. Also I was doing a lot more work to try to keep a copy of my mail accessible everywhere, and things ran a lot more slowly.

Also, since I was self-hosting my mail on Dreamhost, every time anyone in the IP block over at Dreamhost decided to do some spamming, my domain wound up on an RBL. Significant numbers of people were not able to get my emails. Moving back to GMail should deal with that.

I still don't particularly like the cloud and the tracking that happens there, and I really don't like GMail's "new look" (does anyone?) but I'll find a way to live with the latter, and I run Ghostery and Adblock which helps a bit with the former.
FWIW, I've been having very good luck backing up my mail from Google to maildir using getmail via crontab.

getmail is compiled on FreeBSD from Ports WITH_NOTSEEN.

Crontab contains:

0 */3 * * * /usr/local/bin/getmail -qr ~/.getmail/

getmailrc contains:

type = SimpleIMAPSSLRetriever
server =
username =
mailboxes = ("[Gmail]/All Mail",)
port = 993

type = Maildir
path = ~/mailbackup/

verbose = 2
received = false
delivered_to = false
read_all = false
message_log = ~/mailbackup/

This works very well. Takes a bit to get caught up at first, but then it just works.
I use Forte Agent. I just start it up once a month or so and let it catch up. Good enough. Honestly, I've never actually needed it, because GMail has never lost anything, nor do I expect it to.