Calvin vs bike

Construction season

I need to remember to take an alternate route to work for a while. They've got main street in Dexter torn up and traffic was backed up a ridiculous amount this morning. The ride south to Chelsea and over is much nicer anyway, only a couple of miles longer and is not much longer in terms of travel time given the speed over the gravel road and through town that the short route takes.
I'll probably be stuck with an alternate route for my daily commute - but only the last few hundred feet or so - starting next month for a year or two.

They are getting ready to do a major expansion to this building, which will probably take out the entrance at the far end of the building that I use when going to and from the bus. It will also change how I get to the canyon rim for my lunchtime walks.

All in all, orders of magnitude less disrupting than your commute changes.