Some realizations/adjustments

A few things I've realized need changing regarding my home computer work.

The USB/SATA docking stations are not great for long term use. A few years ago I decided to buy bare SATA hard drives and use them as removable media in a docking station. However, the SATA connectors are not designed or rated for very many insertion cycles, and my docking station is getting very flaky. So I'm about to order a few $20 SATA cases and put all my removable drives in there. It won't be much different, I'll just have a USB and a power cable and plug those in to the enclosure rather than plugging the drive into the dock.

Second is that the several years old version of Pinnacle Studio that I have really stinks. It honestly was never very good but I paid $120 for it so I stuck with it for years. It's time to move on. I'm running a trial version of Sony Vegas Movie Studio HD Platinum 11.0 right now and it seems pretty good. Mostly I just burn simple DVDs but I need to do a couple of experiments in making DVD menus and doing titling too before I spend the money. It's cheap though, $60 from Amazon for the "Platinum" version which includes the DVD maker add-on.