Video editing software

In case anyone cares, after some research I bought a copy of Sony Vegas Movie Studio HD 11 Platinum as a new video editor. It was about $58 from Amazon. This replaces the old, slow, incompatible-with-new-formats-and-cameras, crash-prone and just badly designed Pinnacle Studio that I paid $120 for about 4 years ago.

It seems very powerful but still decently easy to use and intuitive, handles high def video smoothly on my dual core i3 laptop. I haven't done a lot with it but what I have done has been very straightforward. The single step encode and publish to YouTube is very handy.

So far it's taken all the files I have thrown at it, including 720p video from Chinese keychain cameras, but that's probably not surprising since pretty much everything uses AVI or MOV containers with h.264 video and AC3 or MP3 audio inside.

If you are only publishing to online locations or data storage, you can forgo the Platinum version and pay only about $35 IIRC. Platinum comes with DVD authoring software as well (I am sure it would author blu-ray too if you had a burner for it).

There's a 30 day free trial downloadable from Sony. You can buy a key from them so you don't need to bother with the physical media, but unfortunately it's only available direct from Sony for the full $99. To get the discount you need to buy from Amazon and they only offer the physical copy. Go fig.