Calvin vs bike

Sunny day helmet cam video

Some video shot in full sun, 1080P on the Contour Roam. It was fairly windy so there's noise, and I was taking it easy because I'd just given blood a few minutes before.

That's pretty neat. I sure didn't see the speed limit sign that went up from the posted 25, though!

It's theoretically 25 up to the 45 sign. However, in the opposite direction, some of that route is posted 35. Nobody really knows for sure if the speed limit in that stretch is 25 or 35.

Doesn't really matter, I don't think I exceeded 25 on that stretch, certainly not by much if I did. The wide angle lens makes it look like I'm going a lot faster than I am. With my old camera 30 MPH looked like about 10, with this one 20 looks like 40.