Audiobook finished

Academ's Fury by Jim Butcher, book 2 in Codex Alera series

Lots of ass kickin' against impossible odds. This is what we go to Jim Butcher for after all, and he delivers.

I'm woefully behind on my book goals for the year (some year I'd like to hit 100 books, right now I'm at 12 for the year, I should be at 36 if I was on target). Late winter is usually really bad for me as I'm so busy with work. I'm buckling down on audiobooks since I have many tens (probably more like hundreds) of hours of yardwork to get done in the next month or two, but only a few minutes a day usually to read print. I'm running audiobooks at 190% speed right now, I'm probably going to push to 200 for the next book. Once I get used to it, it actually seems natural to listen at that speed. It's probably faster than I read print, I'm not fast at all at print.
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