Bookworm 2

Audiobook / ebook source

A fellow audiobook nut at work pushed me back toward Overdrive through the library as an audiobook source. I had put a hold on books 4,5,6 of the Codex Alera series, the CDs were going to be shipped from all over SE MI and she said "I'm pretty sure I got those from Overdrive when I read them." clicky clicky clicky "Yeah, here they are. Heck they're even in MP3 format, not WMV. And they're actually available right now."

Last time I looked at Overdrive they had squat that I actually wanted to read but they seem to have really added on in the last year or to, including quite a lot of ePub and Kindle titles.

So anyway, the next 2 books are in hand, the 3rd on hold, so that's the next few days taken care of. I called and released the hold on the CDs so they don't need to be shipped for no reason (the web interface does not have the hold maintenance section that the help claims it does). And I have a new book source to browse.