Some sick day

I've still got the cold, it seems to be on the ropes (very wimpy cold, though I'm not complaining). I spent the whole day driving around. To the vet for some Heartgard, to the library to pick up an audiobook that I put on hold, then to Canton and Westland Lowes to pick up waterfall bits that closer stores did not have in stock (the perils of buying seasonal stuff late in the season), then to the block supply place on Jackson to pick up a few choice bits of big flat stones for the waterfall. Take it all home, then go get the kid at school. In a few minutes I'll be taking him to the dentist.

The downloadable media from the library is cool but their only copy of First Lord's Fury had 4 people in front of me on the hold list with a 2 week lending period, so I had the library grab a CD copy from somewhere in the system. I'll rip that this weekend and get it in the drop box probably Monday when we go to town for the parade.

I also got a downloaded copy of Deadline, but it was only available in WMA format with nasty old DRM on it keeping me from playing it on my player in accelerated mode, so I'm converting it to MP3 the hard way, playing it in Media Player and recording in Total Recorder, with the speaker muted. If I had to I could have gone the analog route too, plugging my digital recorder into the headphone jack. Another case of DRM mainly inconveniencing people who are trying to use the media legitimately.