Bike maintenance: new brakes

New pads in the rear. Last set went on at 19562 back in late 2009, so these lasted 8099 miles and close to 3 years (wow, my annual mileage is down). This is more miles than I've gotten out of them in the past, but I have been using the front brakes more heavily recently.

The rim is getting a noticeable groove worn in it by the brakes, due to the amount of grit that I pick up while riding gravel roads. I've been trying to avoid the gravel both on the bike and in the car lately, it's clearly bad for both; rocks hitting the underside of the car clearly lead to premature rusting from the looks of the bottom of the van. Anyway I should probably start looking for deals on a new rim, I'll have to lace up one probably next year if not sooner.

Odometer: 27661