Casey eye

New glasses

I got a new pair of glasses yesterday (from Zenni optical online). I very much like them. The lenses are a bit taller so I have more area in the "reading" part of the progressive lens, and I adjusted the prescription down 1/2 a diopter. The optometrist had been slowly increasing the strength of my prescription and I think she went too far; I was starting to need separate glasses for many different activities because my eyes got to where they couldn't focus on their own.

I started using my computer glasses for normal use and over a few months I exercised my eyes up to where they can focus in a wider range again, and now I can see very well at distance at the 1/2 diopter down prescription AND still work at a computer, and the progressive part is up to +1.25 now and I can read very comfortably with them.

Now I just need to get used to NOT peering under my glasses for close vision.

FWIW, the lined bifocal glasses I got earlier in the year were a complete fail. They drove me up a tree and I couldn't get used to them.