Android software

Here's what I'm using, for reference (mine or whoever's)

Shopping apps - on Monday I had my first taste of being able to scan barcodes in stores and instantly read reviews. I think it lead to a better purchase.
* Amazon
* Lowes

* Ally mobile banking. Still immature, lacks the functionality of some other mobile banking apps such as depositing checks by taking a picture of them. Still, for checking balances and moving money around between accounts, it works fine.
* BeyondPod - podcast catcher. Works great.
* CalenGoo - the only app that I found that integrates with Google Calendar and provides a totally complete set of functions. No others could create an email reminder, for instance, only pop-up.
* ConnectBot - SSH client. I haven't used it yet but I want one there just in case.
* ElJay - LiveJournal client. LJ's client is weak, this one could be better but it is OK.
* American Red Cross first aid - excellent. A great first aid tutorial plus emergency guidance and will dial 911 from within the app.
* Google Plus - works fine as you'd expect.
* Facebook - does everything I want out of Facebook. The mobile app is actually clean, and as such it's in most ways a preferable way to use Facebook.
* LastPass - Mandatory. However, it requires that you have a pro subscription to LastPass to use the mobile version.
* Mobile Metronome - simple, works.
* PhotoFolio - paid app for PhotoBucket. PhotoBucket's free app is useless.
* Moon+ Reader - the ebook reader that I happen to like the best. It's a close race and different people will like others.
* Prey Anti-Theft
* RealCalc Plus scientific calculator - Great calc does RPN as any real calculator should. The free version is pretty good. The pay version is well worth it though - gets you Hex/Oct/Bin and other very useful features. The conversion function on this is quite excellent.
* Shortyz crosswords - free and pulls free crosswords from a number of sites every day.
* Words With Friends - Very nice, now if I could only find friends that actually responded to my game requests :)
I use KeePass for a password's free
DropBox (Free version...I'm too cheap to pay for that thing)
Droid48 (HP48G great)
ElectroDroid (not bad for free)
SeekDroid (lost phone finder/locker/wiper)
I've switched from Dropbox to Google Drive. 2.5x more storage space and integrated office apps, still for free.

I'll check out SeekDroid. Prey is free but has limited activations. What I need is an app to make the phone (or tablet) make a noise so I can find the dumb thing. I need to find it in places where there's wifi but no cell service. I suppose I could try paging it in Google Chat.