Nexus 7

Just went and checked and AW YEAAAH, Google Nexus 7 16GB are in stock. Minus one for the one I instantly bought. Yeah, it's almost $280 by the time you add shipping and whatever, but it looks awesome and I'm sold on the new Android versions.
The other differences between this and the previous 7" tablet I've owned - it's half the thickness, 1/3 the weight, has GPS and bluetooth. I'm surprised how much bluetooth matters to me now that I've used it for a while
The GPS interests me; all the iOS devices only have GPS if you get the models with 3G or better (iPhones, one set of iPads), and use Assisted GPS, working with the Cell towers as well as satellites. As only my iPhone 3gs has cellular, my iPad would not be useful for a large screen navigation device, as only a limited number of external GPS receivers work with iOS at the moment. The iPhone is OK for navigation, but a larger screen is usually better.

There is also the data storage requirements for the maps, of course, but that seems a minor compromise.
It not only has GPS, it as very good GPS. The teardown of it I watched looked up the GPS and accelerometer chip data sheets, and they're both very good. The accelerometer has onboard processing so it can basically do dead reckoning on its own, and can generate interrupts on specific events. Most accelerometers in devices just simply output current values via 1wire.

From looking at the teardown, it's an impressive device, very well built. Honestly, if Nook and Kindle sell another color tablet for $200, it's because people don't know what they're buying. This is by far the superior device for the same money and can run both Nook and Kindle software.
I guess I hadn't realized that so many iOS devices don't have GPS. I think most Android devices, except for the really cheapie $100 China specials have GPS.

Google Maps works for navigation offline trivially. While connected you just go to maps, hit options/allow offline use, stretch the map to the size you want to put into memory and click OK. It downloads all the map data for that area. You can do that for as many areas as you like I think. A major metropolitan area typically only consumes about 50 megs.
I got one about a week ago. I'm rather liking it. It's a very nice tablet.