Stinky cat

Lurvely. The black cat got forgotten outside until after dark, and he came in with a face soaked in skunk spray, eyes squinched shut, moaning and with prodigious amounts of mucous streaming out of his face.
First attempt to take him to the bath was bare-handed, so clearly I took some damage. 2nd was with a towel.
He clearly was in a lot of distress because he actually CALMED DOWN after I hit him in the face with a spray of lukewarm water. He got the standard peroxide/baking soda soak with an emphasis on his face, though obviously I couldn't get to crazy on the peroxide in the face, so he still smells a bit up there.

The other cat is following him around at a safe distance with the biggest eyes ever, clearly thinking "holy shit dude, what the hell happened to you?"
Other cat must be young. And old cat would sit on the couch and give a look that said "Dude."
They're both pretty young. Black cat is 5 (I think), and the grey-n-white fluffy-butt is 3. More importantly, I think, black cat was already well established in the household (and g-n-w is a bit of a spookable cat anyway).