Sorting technical crap

At the church, we have cable internet at the parsonage, and we use a pair of WiFi access points to shoot access down to the building where the office and classrooms are. I set this up in 2006 using some cheap crap I bought off Woot; a pair of Linksys B access points. Ancient and slow but at the time faster than the connection we had anyway. I hillbilly engineered PoE by splitting off 4 unused wires on the ethernet and soldering to the wires from the wall wart.

Also I could never get the things to work properly in bridge or repeater mode, so they were simply AP at one end and client at the other, then they went into a 2nd router in the 192.168.2.XXX range. Really not great, but meh, it worked, mostly. But it had been getting increasingly flaky, probably from a combination of running the wall wart power over an extra 50 feet of wire and simply sitting consumer grade electronics in a hothouse box in the sun for 6 years. And the 2nd router was a Netgear which had already popped a bad capacitor once and was also getting flaky.

I ordered some new stuff and it came in yesterday. A pair of TRENDnet TEW-434APB access points and a pair of proper 48VDC PoE power injectors. Last night I configured and installed everything. I was thinking to go with AP+WDS but I realized that is more complex than really required for just two APs, so I set them up as AP and repeater, and plugged a switch into the repeater to replace the 2nd router.

This seems to be working well. The irritation of two separate networks is gone, the 2nd router is gone (yay less equipment to deal with) and we can get wireless signal to mobile devices anywhere in the area (yes, they're WPA2 passworded) and things seem a lot faster. Also they're likely to be more reliable with 48VDC PoE.

And as a separate thing, I transferred's registry from NameCheap to DreamHost this morning. Thanks to scammers for making it necessary for registration transfers to be such a pain in the butt. I guess it's not bad really but if you only do one every couple of years you forget the process.
I recently transfered 10 (or so) domains en masse from GoDaddy to Gandi. It almost all went well... Most domains transfered smoothly... A couple just didn't work the first time.
This transfer went quite well and was done in an hour. I clicked the "authorize" link in the emails both of them sent and that expedited the process.

This is the next-to-last domain that isn't on Dreamhost. I was originally with GoDaddy, switched everything to Namecheap including hosting, but quickly moved to Dreamhost due to ridiculously better hosting specs (full shell, unlimited everything for $120/year).

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