Got some real equipment

The equipment at church is getting upgraded, we're finally almost to the "not cheap crap that's just the best we can afford" stage.

I put a 3500 lumen projector in there a few weeks ago, which is what I've always known we needed for that room, but I couldn't afford until now.

Last weekend I put in an EXCELLENT set of microphones. They're full digital, 2.4 GHz units from AKG. Two headworn mics and two handhelds. They work GREAT - seem to be as good as wired. We were getting so tired of the old VHF analog units fading and cutting out.

A new pair of speakers in there and we'll be caught up. There are other projects on the horizon but at least what's actually there will be stuff that works.
Digital mics should also give you and any neighbors more flexibility and space for wireless planning

Prior to there move in 2008 (two weeks before our even longer move), Wheaton Bible Church was in downtown Wheaton, next to a Lutheran church, across from the Methodist church and just down the hill from College Church ( another non-denominational church). This made wireless mic use tricky in those analog days, all of the churches could pick up signals from at least one other church, and all were using them about the same time on Sundays. </p>

I'm sure it is better now: digital mics, and one fewer church - the Lutheran church expanded into WBC's former buildings and parking.

The only thing that concerns me is possible spectrum saturation. Already I noticed that my bluetooth headset becomes unreliable when this system is running. There's no wifi in the building, I wonder if that's a problem? I can't imagine that it won't work with wifi on, since there's hardly a space left in the world without wifi, it wouldn't work as a portable live sound system if it couldn't work with wifi.