Chrome on Android - not really ready for prime time.

I installed Chrome on my phone, and it came pre-installed on the tablet. I don't do a lot of web browsing on mobile devices, because it's just awkward. Today I tried fixing up the experience a bit, and hit an immediate show-stopper - no extensions. That means no LastPass.

I use Chrome to sync bookmarks, since I switched to Chrome everywhere it works fine. However, password syncing is missing some critical components. It works fine and the uploaded passwords are encrypted so that's all good, but there's no way to manually add passwords. This is critical functionality.

So LastPass is still a requirement.

I looked at Firefox for Android, but the reviews are not good - basically, it's not really stable yet.

I've installed Dolphin Browser with the LastPass on the phone. It works. It's one of those apps that has its own look and feel and I may spend the time to figure out how to be proficient at it, or I might just wind up being a clumsy fingerpoker.