Lots of stuff

I mostly post to G+ these days. Here is a roundup of things I've neglected to mention here.
Our family is (slowly) switching to Ting as our mobile carrier.
They use Sprint, same as Virgin Mobile (which we're moving from) does, and there's little to no coverage at our house.
Ting has the Sprint Airave microcell as an option, and it gets good reviews, so I've ordered one. It's cheaper than the booster that we bought a few years back, and the booster didn't work for shit. The microcell works in a different way and I have more confidence that it'll work well.
I had my lower wisdom teeth pulled on Monday, 9/24. Generally not a big problem. I drove home directly after and worked from home for a few hours that afternoon. Back at work the next day though I took a couple of painkillers during the day, and two more at night to get some sleep. Really the thing that's bugging me most is the restrictions on eating, including reduced range of motion in my jaw which makes chewing uncomfortable.
There's a joke about iOS6 maps, a great behind-the-scenes video for Les Miserables, a discovery that the "GM corn causes tumors in rats" study was really badly done, to the level of fraud, using ATTinyAVR chips in the Arduino environment, the latest version of GPartEd, the (not surprising) discovery that 1080p video on a phone stinks compared to 1080p video on a real video camera, various Romney idiot posts, an article on 3D printing involving Michigan Tech, an Internet Explorer zero-day exploit, Facebook has been intentionally blocking ways to crosspost from G+, my experience with a VPN, the AT&T cell tower across from our house is on now, I'm running Windows 8 at work, and a lot more stuff.