This and that

GoPro just started shipping the new Hero3 camera, smaller, with more features, and less money. So I have one coming and returned the Sony that I bought a few weeks ago. I was unimpressed with the picture quality of the Sony at 1080p, and their still photos are absolutely horrendous, noisy and badly compressed. Now that I can pick up a GoPro for $199, there's little reason do get anything else.

I've been building a couple of new computers for people and in the process am going through my computer hardware stash. A lot of it is going out. The Windycon freebie box will have a stack of IDE hard drives and DVDROM drives, some Logitech wireless game controllers, probably some RAM, floppy drives, a few aged AGP video cards (I'm keeping the PCI Express GeForce 9500 cards for now, unless someone pipes up and wants one), 10/100 ethernet cards, a modem, and whatever else looks like something I'll never use. Basic mainboards don't even come with floppy or IDE connectors anymore (though for some odd reason they often have serial ports - I guess for running headless servers).

I'm sure going through the power supplies. I generally buy a power supply whenever I don't already have a spare and I can get one for $20 or so for a 430+ watt supply. I just bought one last week and just used it last night. This morning there was a coupon + rebate deal that scored another for about $20.

The dog sprung another leak last night. She's an old lab and they get sebaceous cysts, and after a while they break open, at which point there is schmutz (actually dead skin cells, years worth in a blob) and blood. So that's a lovely cleanup, and shaving the surrounding area is fun too, made more fun because as you can imagine, she doesn't like it. She's got one that hasn't healed for 2 months now. I may have to have the vet stitch it up.

J's off to Toronto for whatever con's going on there. Next weekend I'll be at Windy, though sadly it means missing the Band-O-Rama up at CMU on Friday. Next fall term is K's last at CMU (as an undergrad anyway) - if there's a conflict again I will have to seriously consider skipping Windy for it.
I've got a stack of old boxes in the basement; old underpowered Winwdows machines. Are these machines valuable enough to bring to Windycon to be cannibalized by any takers?
I sort of pre-cannibalized the boxes I had in the basement, assuming nobody actually wanted Pentium 4 boxes with 256M of RAM when expanding the RAM to something reasonable would cost more than buying a new mainboard+CPU+RAM.

Most of the cases went into ferrous metal recycling. The biggest one now has 3 mainboards, a burned out power supply and a variety of other useless crap crammed into it - I'll be dropping that by Best Buy's recycling bin later.