Procrastination catch-up

I've been trying to catch up on a bunch of stuff that I've been putting off at church. I have tweaked the building-to-building WiFi link 3 or 4 times this week and finally think I have it stable. I got an old WAP11 B access point out of the junk box and installed it in the basement since using the 2nd bridge as a repeater just wasn't working out, not enough range to cover the building. I built a new PC for the office, the one in there now is an old hand-me-down, an AMD 1.6 GHz single core with 256M RAM (SLOW). The new one isn't a screamer but is a solid machine, a dual core Celeron 2.6 with 4GB RAM and a new USB 3.0 mainboard, DVD burner and USB 3.0 memory card reader.

I installed a new motion light outside to replace the one that's been burned out for a year now, and I installed a wireless doorbell that's been on the list for months.

The biggest point of procrastination is that I heard that four local churches have been broken in to, so I pulled out the old Panasonic camera that I bought 4 or 5 years ago after the last time we were broken in to, got it working and installed it. "Got it working" took several hours because the wall wart was fried (probably bad capacitor) so I had to dig up another one with similar specs from the junk box and solder the right end on it, then it took an hour to figure out how to reset and configure the thing - it uses a really weird default IP.